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FRIEDMAN: Skip the guilt

Having attended public schools up until Yale, the notion of donating to a private school is foreign to me. Watching Yale’s fundraising machine fire up […]

FRIEDMAN: The education imperative

Often, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s blatant incompetence blinds us from her awful underlying ideology. An education policy that puts school choice above high-quality neighborhood public schools hurts the most vulnerable students, creates public-private conflicts of interest and produces poor educational outcomes.

FRIEDMAN: Hidden costs

For a university whose administration claims to reject cost as a barrier to entry — and whose student body leans toward progressive policies — Yale does an awful job recognizing the unique challenges faced by its lowest-income students.

FRIEDMAN: The brightness of empathy

I didn’t think I’d ever support Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL, but there I was, cheering him on. I was watching secretary of state-nominee Rex Tillerson’s […]

FRIEDMAN: A truly diverse Yale

As the Admissions Committee reviews early applications to the class of 2021, I dare them to challenge that status quo. Yale doesn’t have to admit tens of students from a single school each year — even if making that decision might tarnish those wink-and-a-nod relationships. Yale doesn’t have to admit armadas of boat-shoe-clad bourgeois badminton players.

FRIEDMAN: In defense of idealism

Idealism means believing that our next president will achieve her agenda, with or without a Democratic Congress. Even if Republicans hold the House of Representatives (nearly guaranteed) and the Senate (possible), we should calibrate our expectations of our elected representatives with an optimistic, not cynical, attitude toward Congress.

FRIEDMAN: Be unabashedly with her

Hillary is at her best when she’s actually getting things done, when she’s in the quiet moments.

FRIEDMAN: Trump voters matter

Trump supporters deserve our attention. After the election, the Republican Party has a fundamental choice to make. They can ignore Trump’s candidacy as a fluke or they can take it seriously and use it as a basis upon which to build a new and better politics.

FRIEDMAN: The progress in contradiction

The rawest, most profound forms of progress are often found in contradictions.

FRIEDMAN: On Yale and privilege

The bastion of privilege that Yale represents, the notions of stratification that going to a school like Yale might exacerbate — these are issues that will take some time getting used to.