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FRIEDMAN: Acing office hours

Yale offers undergraduates a wide array of exceptional resources: best-in-class libraries, professional-grade theaters and gorgeous work spaces. But its best resource, and perhaps its most […]

FRIEDMAN: Think Tweed

New Haven may be known for its pizza, but what it really deserves a superlative for is its airport. Tweed-New Haven Regional Airport, just three […]

FRIEDMAN: Asserting your worth

As winter gives way to spring, many of us are faced with the ubiquitous question: What are we doing this summer? There are lots of […]

FRIEDMAN: The celebrity course

One of the hallmarks of a liberal education is the idea that a plurality of disciplines are worthy, valuable and essential. Indeed, Yale’s expansive course […]

FRIEDMAN: On minors, think carefully

Every academic recess, I travel around upstate New York for a few days to visit public high schools as an Admissions Ambassador on behalf of […]

FRIEDMAN: Politically homeless

I still remember pacing around Old Campus in the middle of the night two years ago. Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 had just lost the presidency. […]

FRIEDMAN: Bureaucracy over dinner

I recently realized that I adopt the vernacular of a dental office receptionist when I make dinner plans. I’ve described full weeks as “fully booked, […]

FRIEDMAN: The things we share

Today is the first day of classes at a Yale that, now, is 200 undergraduates larger. It also marks the beginning of Hopper College’s first […]

FRIEDMAN: A moral Yale

As admitted students scampered around Yale this past week, I couldn’t help but think back to my own decision to come here. A pivotal moment […]

FRIEDMAN: Welcome to Yale

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Bulldog Days season with “Bulldog Saturday,” signifying the admissions office’s switch from scrupulous buyer to faux-desperate seller. The occasion finds […]

FRIEDMAN: The Yale mafia

The ways that we talk about politics at Yale matter. They matter not only because politicians ought to be aware of the people they serve, […]