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First Years in Conversation

On August 30, five brave first-year Yalies assembled over Zoom to discuss the highlights and challenges of their first week at college during a pandemic. […]

Elifnaz Onder
“How long will I need to be in here?”: The “Elder Statesman” dies after contracting COVID-19 in NY prison

As Benjamin Smalls looked out of his window from his hospital bed in Poughkeepsie, New York, he told his daughter he was grateful for the […]

Directed Studies DUS Katja Lindskog: On not taking up knitting

No matter how many years of experience a faculty member has, one can never be prepared to handle a global pandemic, let alone adapt an academic program for a nationwide quarantine. This was Lindskog’s first year serving as the director of undergraduate studies for the Directed Studies program.

Lamont signs COVID-19 residential rent protections 

Last Friday, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont ordered measures to protect residential renters struggling to pay housing costs during the coronavirus emergency in an executive order. […]

Daniel Zhao
Lamont, other governors talk post-pandemic economic restoration

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont joined the governors of other Northeastern states Monday to announce a collaborative plan for reopening businesses once the spread of coronavirus […]

Maude Lechner ’23: A sense of unfinished business

Maude lives in an apartment on 110th Street in Manhattan, near Broadway — the epicenter of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Outside her window, what was once a “terrifically crowded” street has completely emptied out, leaving maybe one person and one car.

The Hidden Charge: Connecticut’s Fight for Free Prison Phone Calls

During Jovaan Lumpkin’s 11 and a half years in prison, his mother never missed the phone bill. Jovaan, a 34-year-old Hartford resident, was incarcerated for […]

Making the Trek with Dez Johnson

Dez Johnson says waking up at 4 a.m. is the best part of his day. He admits it’s the hardest part, too, but never loses […]

CT discusses statutory limitations for child abuse survivors

A legislative task force unanimously recommended on Monday that Connecticut eliminate the statute of limitations for civil sexual assault cases, which would allow victims to […]

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ICE subpoenas CT for immigration policies

Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE authorities issued subpoenas to the State of Connecticut Court Support Services Division officials last week in protest of the […]

CT lawmakers push to eliminate religious exemption for vaccines

The Connecticut state legislature’s public health committee reintroduced a bill that would eliminate the religious exemption for school-age children’s vaccines last week. The bill — […]