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ATTELL: The unheroic journey

I heard something in November that I can’t stop thinking about. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, the man behind stories like the “Trial of the Chicago 7,” […]

ATTELL: Six feet under and still six feet apart

You probably haven’t seen “Yearly Departed,” and it’s likely you never will.  Amazon Studio’s all-female comedy special should be good. Featuring an ensemble cast of […]

We’ll Always Have Paris 

It’s estimated that the average person tells a lie about one to two times a day. At most, then, I’ve already lied 13,870 times. At […]

All That’s Left

The HBO miniseries “The Leftovers” claims to confront truth by evading it.  If you thought that “Lost” revealed its creators’ god complexes, Damon Lindelof’s next […]

ATTELL: The last laugh

For something that elicits universal pleasure, comedy lacks a universal definition. Aristotle only laughed at jokes of the phallic kind, Shakespeare required a marriage and […]

Fiona is Off to Battle: Two Takes on “Fetch the Bolt Cutters”

Take 1: To call Fiona Apple’s album “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” guttural is a grotesque simplification. And yet, each track — from the playful shriek […]

Axel Källenius ’23: In-between time

Axel Källenius ’23 isn’t afraid. At his family’s home in Stockholm, Sweden, Källenius is pondering Proust, disagreeing with Kierkegaard and admiring Nietzsche. He is enjoying the time to reconnect with his family, the living-at-home phase that is no longer a relic of childhood and simply “appreciating things” he hadn’t before.

1stGenYale helps FGLI students grapple with pandemic’s effects on summer plans

As Yale continues to come to grips with the novel coronavirus pandemic, 1stGenYale — an alumni-led program that supports Yale students who are the first […]

Letters of rec connect students, profs

Despite rising skepticism, Yale community members continue to defend letters of recommendation as an appropriate form of character testimony to contextualize an applicant. The vast […]

Trump’s strategist discusses US-China Policy

After nearly an hour and 30 minutes discussing US-China policy, Michael Pillsbury — who serves as US President Donald Trump’s leading expert on the relations […]

ATTELL: Curtain call

“Clearly, Milton’s verse is self-conscious. It drips with a hyperawareness of the canon and an unbearably cultivated ethos. His semantic curation wouldn’t be out of […]

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