Elizabeth Watson
Staff Reporter
Elizabeth Watson covers breakthrough research for SciTech and illustrates for various sections. She is a first year in Pauli Murray College and is planning to major in STEM and the humanities.
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How are wknders responding to their Spotify Wrapped?

No. 1 Song:  “Add It Up” – Nbhd Nick.  “Spotify says my Audio Aura is wistful and confident. Wistful and confident?  “I’m not entirely sure […]

A promise in a poem

It’s November, not quite Thanksgiving, and there are six Christmas trees in my house of various sizes and mediums. For your reference, dear reader, that’s […]

Yale physicist Laura Newburgh honored with Berkeley Prize

Yale assistant professor Laura Newburgh is part of the CHIME team honored by the American Astronomical Society for work studying fast radio bursts.

O froyo, froyo, wherefore art thou, froyo?

Although not part of the Old Campus community, Pauli Murray first-years are tight-knit. We’ve bonded over lots of things: our proximity to Science Hill, our […]

School of Public Health welcomes inaugural class for online executive MPH program

New online executive MPH program bridges professionals across different fields to explore public health’s applications.

Diana Qiu ’11 wins Packard Fellowship in science and engineering

Diana Qiu ’11, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and materials science, has been awarded the Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering for her work studying […]

Yale professor receives award from American Chemical Society for work in spectroscopy

A Yale professor has received a prestigious award from the American Chemical Society, or ACS, for his work in spectroscopy. The ACS recently recognized Mark […]

Yale researcher leads branch of HIV research collaboration

A researcher from Yale is set to play a major role in the HOPE Collaboratory, a project undertaken by Martin Delaney Collaboratories in the name of finding a cure for HIV.

A view of the Yale School of Medicine sign in the fall.
Yale researchers discover potential key for space travel on Mars and Titan

The ability to predict the weather on planets, such as Mars, and on Saturn’s moon Titan could help ensure the safety of space missions, both manned and unmanned.

Mars floating in space.