Elizabeth Hopkinson
Staff Reporter
Elizabeth Hopkinson is an editor for WKND. Originally from Westborough, Massachusetts, she is a junior majoring in Environmental Studies.
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HOPKINSON: Save our sidewalks

Sidewalk cycling is illegal in New Haven, but that doesn’t stop student cyclists. I have seen Yalies bike on the crowded footpaths of Elm Street […]

HOPKINSON: Synonyms for Loneliness

I first felt lonely the summer after my first year at Yale. Well, I’m sure I had felt lonely at points before then, but those […]

Inside Out: On finding queerness in quarantine

Sophie Kyle Collins ’23 told me about a poem they wrote in ninth grade. In the piece, the speaker describes having relationships with people of […]

A Runner’s Guide to Yale and New Haven

As we launch into the stress of a new school year that just so happens to be occurring during a pandemic, perhaps there has never […]

It’s Time We Talk About Productivity

This was supposed to be a great couple of months for me. I was going to spend the semester studying in Valparaiso, Chile, a coastal […]

Let’s Talk About Sex

In the first episode of the new season of “Sex Education,” Otis Milburn can’t stop masturbating. He does it in the shower, the school bathroom, […]

Making the Days Count with Tosan Agbeyegbe ’20

Even though it was only November, the temperature that day was expected to drop below freezing in Princeton, New Jersey. Despite the frigid weather, the […]

Letter of Recommendation: Cracklin’ Oat Bran

My mom says that if my dad dies first she will become a nun. She’s already Catholic and wouldn’t want to get remarried anyway, so […]

The World According to Catholic Men

I have one distinct memory of the Knights of Columbus. On the occasional Sunday after 8 a.m. mass, some men with kind faces and receding […]

Strangers: Taco Tuesday with Aaron Adame

Ever walk past a stranger on the paths of Cross Campus and wonder, “Who? Who are you?” Weekend does. Everyone at Yale has a story. […]

My Summer in the Big Not-So-Easy

Even the New Orleanians told me it was crazy to spend a summer in the city. Humidity clung to the area, and every breath felt […]