Elisa Gonzalez

A year and two days ago, she called me at 3 a.m. to tell me about a dream she had: fish, all colors, most with […]

Extein, Gonzalez, Gordon, Moreno and Spencer: Internships worth saving

We’ll never forget our summer as Bulldogs in the Big Easy. We spent over two months working at challenging jobs, making new friends in a […]

Gonzalez: Speaking to power

Last spring I had what I can only call a “difficult encounter” with a police officer. I cannot describe the full situation, as it also […]

Gonzalez: Breaking with the tradition

I meander in and out of love with iconoclasm. As a freshman in Directed Studies, my first foray onto page two appeared as an argument […]

Gonzalez: Why write

This week, I started to be afraid I would never write again. A few weeks ago, I was afraid that I would never write well […]

Gonzalez: The call of Katrina

On Monday, Aug. 30, four friends and I went to to see the “The Big Uneasy,” a documentary that investigates levee failures in New Orleans […]

Gonzalez: Better with friends

In the past few weeks, I fell for one of my friends. This wasn’t a serious infatuation, less than love but more than a crush. […]

Gonzalez: A little rebellion then and now

My natural tendency toward rebellion used to get me into trouble. I had a sense that rules were made to be stretched, that codes of […]

Glück fuses poetry, teaching, style

Pulitzer Prize winner Louise Glück is one of the leading voices of American poetry. At Yale, she is both an artist and a teacher. Glück, […]

Gonzalez: No divine answers

When I was 11 or 12, my father asked me to promise that whomever I married would be a Christian. We had just come home […]

Gonzalez: Boyfriends by other names

I am good at learning definitions. I enjoy words. I have written English papers that hinged on the analysis of an Oxford English Dictionary entry. […]