Eli Muller
Israel should crush terror networks, then withdraw permanently

As a lifelong liberal Zionist, I have spent the last 18 months struggling for some kind of moral clarity, if not hope, as my sometime […]

Porn ‘N Chicken headed to the tube

It’s nothing special, just your run of the mill case of art imitating life. Or rather, life imitating pornography, art imitating life and pornography imitating […]

Terror creeps into the banal on Yale’s campus

The reminders are everywhere now. Sitting on Cross Campus: away from televisions, frisbee idle. (Cell phone, just in case). Waiting for ice cream: vanilla or […]

Shock of nation’s worst terrorist attack ripples through stunned campus

It was a lovely evening, warm but ruffled by a cool breeze, without a trace of humidity. Candles flickered in a thousand outstretched hands and […]

Terror strikes New York and D.C.; tremors of shock spread to campus

After the blast came the silence. Two hours after the bloodiest terrorist attack in American history, the sun was still shining down on a lovely […]

‘StaXXX’ trailer has stacks — and some skin

Porn ‘N Chicken delivered a hint of the former and none of the latter at its much-hyped Tercentennial weekend preview of “The StaXXX.” Rather than […]

Ads say porn flick will debut, but few, if any, will see skin

Some students will get to see former presidents and Hollywood luminaries over the course of Tercentennial weekend. But the most exclusive attraction of the weekend […]

At Pride Week, gender roles fluid

She wore a double-breasted suit jacket, a bowtie and a bulging piece of silicone in her pants. He wore a leopard-skin skirt and gold hoop […]

No bones about it: ‘Skulls’ sequel is in the works

Some colleges have all the luck. Princetonians were treated to glimpses of Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe, whose next film, “A Beautiful Mind,” is currently being […]

As GESO issue burns, middle ground silent

YDN Staff Reporters Staring down at a daunting heap of still ungraded undergraduate problem sets while sitting at a table in the Blue Dog Cafe, […]

Behind Broadway, one feisty student

No Holy Grail gleamed in the windows of the Manhattan grocery store, but the two wandering retail recruiters knew they had reached the end of […]