Eli Muller
Senior Perspective: Eli Muller

Yale has innumerable traditions, social, political and academic, ranging from the silly (secret societies) to the exceptionally silly (building villages on Beinecke Plaza). I’ll remember […]

The journalist we knew only in fearless, fiery print

In the fall of 1990, a young freelance reporter named Michael Kelly arrived in Baghdad to begin chronicling the human consequences of the impending Gulf […]

An (almost) unsentimental education

I’ve spent the last few months lambasting classmates for ignorance, hysteria, and most recently bigotry. Yet I would be remiss if I did not devote […]

Locating the hate in anti-Zionism

It has been an unpleasant week to be Jewish at Yale. On Tuesday, Dean Pamela George published a column to the effect that it was […]

Yalies should care less and read more

As long as I’ve been at Yale, professors, guests and students have taken turns railing against apathy on campus. Yalies, we are told, care too […]

Sympathy for the devil

James Kirchick’s excellent column last week (“Singing the praises of dictators,” 1/30) described how a group of American public health students returned from a trip […]

More schools? Uh-uh, more prisons

That crucial political issues tend to get reduced to bumper stickers in the mass media is no surprise; that this happens so frequently on college […]

Psst, read on for the city’s best kept secret

When I began writing this column, I conceived of it as a forum for exploring the difficulty of choosing courses of action in ghastly situations. […]

Why fighting for oil isn’t so preposterous

The most frequently repeated slogans often turn out to be the most inane when subjected to sustained scrutiny. Case in point: the mantra “No war […]

Bush’s hidden motives are irrelevant

The decision to go to war is always a momentous one, not to be undertaken lightly. The importance of the question makes it that much […]

The real Iraq — and a call for action — in Technicolor

This year’s most important film is a shocking chronicle of America’s crimes against the Iraqi people — and I’m not referring to the decade of […]