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Yale Opera to perform Tchaikovsky in Shubert Theatre

Once a year, Yale Opera stages a full production at the Shubert Theatre, complete with costumes, set and a pit orchestra. This year’s production is […]

Yale Percussion Group to perform in Sprague

 Coconut shells, wooden clogs and a nutcracker feature as both instruments and stage props in Mauricio Kagel’s trio for wooden instruments, titled “Dressur.” On Saturday, […]

Voxtet to sing Scarlatti oratorio

Since Cain killed his brother Abel, their story has resonated throughout Western culture. In past centuries, composers, writers and artists have repeatedly resurrected this episode […]

Philharmonia to perform all-French program on Friday

On Friday, students will have the opportunity to experience the sounds of France through a unique trio of symphonic works performed by the Yale School […]

Film Study Center celebrates Bergman

Over the past two years, Yale Film Study Center has commissioned eight 35 mm film prints from Sweden, retranslated 12 hours of subtitles and worked […]

Opera Theatre of Yale College to perform Debussy

Over forty years ago, a Yale senior named Carolyn Abbate ’77 stumbled upon an unfinished Claude Debussy opera in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. The […]