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BOLES: Midway Upon the Journey

Halfway is a strange place to be. You have as much left ahead as you have behind. Maybe this motivates you, maybe it terrifies you. […]

BOLES: Graduation Isolation

Everything about COVID-19 sucks (except for this). The latest demonstration of this fact came when an unprecedented number of rising juniors — my class —  […]

BOLES: We can’t all change the world

Two years at Yale was all it took to turn a kid from rural Tennessee into someone who uses abbreviated names of private schools and […]

BOLES: The View from “Nowhere”

Urbanity, most would say, is America with a capital “A.” Hubs of industry and culture, our cities are The Places-Where-Things-Happen. With roughly a third of […]

BOLES: Ethics of Pandemic Discourse

Full disclosure: I hate the trolley problem. Sorry, Philippa Foot. No one ever talks about it seriously anymore ever since it has cemented its place […]

Boles: Save our clickbait souls

The metaverse. Virtual Reality. Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce. We live in a time where such technologically advanced concepts are more than just facets of […]

BOLES: The generosity killer

Going to Yale has made me a worse person. I would not be surprised if this was true of you, too. Before I explain why, […]

BOLES: The trouble is paradise

On a bleak autumn night, moonlight peeks from behind the clouds — just enough to illuminate the words “THE DEAD SHALL BE RAISED.” Pallid figures […]

BOLES: Experiencing the magical kingdom

In most ways, Yale is nothing like real life.  In real life, you aren’t packed like sardines into dorms that house the world’s foremost future […]