Eleanor Runde
Wang talks prisons and healthcare

Eighty percent of prisoners already have chronic medical conditions that require longitudinal medical care — and 95 percent of all prisoners will eventually be released back into society.

YUPP talks social justice

Last night, the Afro-American Cultural Center hosted a discussion on a new social justice project called We Are All Criminals.

New group to promote socioeconomic discussion

The discussion around socioeconomic class at Yale appears to be picking up steam.

Insulin key in neuron regeneration

Age may not cause our nervous system to deteriorate, according to new research from the Yale School of Medicine. Axons, or nerve fibers, tend to […]

Dunham investigates development, social psychology

New Yale professor of psychology Yarrow Dunham wants to understand what makes social groups tick.

Connecticut start-ups awarded $5 million

Connecticut’s “Innovation Ecosystem,” a program launched last year by Gov. Dannel Malloy to invest in emerging Connecticut businesses, is awarding $5 million to start-ups in […]

Brain region helps us learn from our mistakes

To err may be human — but a new Yale study has revealed the brain region that prevents us from making the same mistake twice.

Obesity plagues Elm City

Obesity and diabetes are more prevalent in low-income New Haven neighborhoods, according to a report by DataHaven.

Elm City disparities persist

New Haven continues to face severe racial and income disparities in quality of health and educational achievement, according to a report released by DataHaven.

Power outage disrupts Metro-North service

A power outage Wednesday has disrupted the daily commute of nearly 125,000 riders on the Metro-North railroad.

Unused state bonds stir debate

According to a report released Wednesday, the state has approximately $6 billion tied up in authorized but unissued bonds.