Edmund Downie
A Pile of Shards

The only time I pass for Chinese is when I speak on the phone. This June, I called the Fashionable Orchid Hotel in Ji’an, a […]

Portrait of a Communist

His remembrances … are valuable for old and young alike, for they are a lesson of principle activity under difficult conditions in the cause of […]

Revolution in New Haven

Of all the things that make a trip to New Haven’s Apple store so unique, the most arresting feature has to be the white, white […]

How Yale Press Took Over Art Publishing

Enter the reception room for Yale University Press’s New Haven office, and, for a second, you might think you’ve wandered into the parlor of a […]

On Being Cold

We were well clothed, and, though sitting close to the fire, were far from too warm; yet these naked savages, though further off, were observed, […]

MAGAZINE | On being cold

In case you’ve literally never left your closet since the start of the semester, it’s been a brisk January weather-wise here at Yale. We’ve burrowed […]

Yale Entrepreneurs: Start Up, Drop Out?

It’s May 2009, and Leon Noel has an idea. As a Yale junior studying biological anthropology, he’s spent much time standing outside Commons in vain […]