Eda Aker
Staff Reporter
Eda Aker covers Yale Law School and writes for WKND. She is a sophomore in Timothy Dwight College majoring in Global Affairs.
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Now Is a Better Time Than Spring Fling

I had been looking forward to Spring Fling long before I first stepped foot on campus. It was by far the Yale tradition that popped […]

College Decision YouTube is Problematic

My relatives, high school students in Turkey and I, a student in the United States, bonded over our fears about college.  Their concerns surrounding college […]

Yale students gain access to anonymous sexual assault reporting service

On April 14, the Yale community will be able to use Callisto, an anonymous sexual assault reporting system thait aims to help support survivors and amalgamate complaints against serial offenders.

Controversy continues over YLS protest and police presence

Tensions remain between two narratives of a March 10 student protest with armed police presence at Yale Law School in response to a Federalist Society […]

Yale Law students protest anti-LGBTQ speaker, armed police presence triggers backlash

A Thursday Federalist Society event featuring a controversial conservative speaker sparked protest at the Law School.

Law School clinic wins victory for local news

Yale Law School’s clinic won a case in defense of a local Connecticut news site.

Yale Law School goes tuition-free for students with greatest need

Yale Law School has become the first law institution to erase tuition for J.D. students living below the poverty line.

Shortlist for Breyer successor includes three Black female YLS grads

Following a widely publicized Supreme Court term, Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement and President Biden promised his replacement would be the Court’s first Black woman. A suspected shortlist includes three Yale Law School graduates.

Heather Gerken re-appointed as Dean of Yale Law School

Heather Gerken, Yale Law School's first female dean, weathered multiple crises during her first term.

Yale’s legal experts unpack the Supreme Court term

Members of the Yale Law community unpack an eventful year for the Supreme Court and discuss the court’s future.

YLS Dean breaks silence over string of law school scandals

In an email to the Yale Law School community, Dean Gerken apologized for recent controversies and outlined the Law School’s course over the coming days.