Drew Henderson
Yale to teach admin tactics to Indian leaders

University administrators cemented plans last week for a new course on higher education management to be taught at Yale — and in India. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”5736″ […]

Peru threatens criminal charges

Peru says it will intensify the legal charges against Yale later this week, and may even file criminal charges against University President Richard Levin, top […]

Q&A with Senator John Kerry ’66

Q How does it feel to be back at Yale? A It’s nice to be back; it’s wonderful. It’s always nostalgic. It’s an excellent time […]

Kerry returns

Still jet-lagged from a weekend trip to Sudan to discuss civil relations within the wartorn nation, Senator John Kerry ’66 had no time to rest […]

NUS dean visits campus

A little over a month after Yale announced its plans to partner with the National University of Singapore to build a liberal arts college in […]

Alumni demand artifacts’ return

Yale’s reluctance to return a trove of artifacts to Peru undermines the University’s efforts to build partnerships abroad, 23 alumni who reside in Peru wrote […]

STI testing campaign goes viral

Last February’s “Get tested” campaign was meant to get students thinking about their sexual health — a recent “Get tasered” knock-off had less serious aims. […]

Online magazine discusses Yale, Singapore and free speech

The discussion as to whether Singapore is a conducive environment for educational freedom is spreading. Inside Higher Ed, an online news magazine that reports on […]

Podolny talks design with Yale faculty

It’s a match made in Yale: the School of Management and the School of Art coming together in the name of design. In a recent […]

Food for thought

Hungry for more sustainable food? Well, next week is Food Week. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”1605″ ] Friday marks the kickoff of the Yale College Council Food Week, […]

Gas leak disrupts downtown businesses

A gas leak on Crown Street closed off downtown streets to traffic beginning around 10 a.m. Wednesday, shutting off gas supplied to restaurants and closing […]