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BUKSUR: Live to fight another day

Recently, I’ve been seeing posts with the hashtag #Istanbulconventionsaveslives. I wish I was able to say it was just to inform the public about the […]

1 Hour 46 Minutes of an Argument: A Review of “Malcolm and Marie”

Exhausting, tiresome, draining and maybe 10 other words that have the same meaning. I convinced six friends to watch “Malcolm and Marie” with me on […]

BUKSUR: Move forward

This Monday I woke up with an empty feeling, some sort of a void inside me. I couldn’t make sense of what I was supposed […]

End of an Era

It’s always a strange feeling to return to a place we know very well. We remember every little detail: a friend’s grandma living around the […]

BUKSUR: A hidden superpower

What does memory mean to you?  For me, the concept of memory has always been a struggle to comprehend. What makes an unforgettable memory seems […]

Emily in Wonderland or Is She?

Probably due to a very successful publicity strategy, “Emily in Paris” was in the “hit list” long before it actually aired. Behind the script is […]

BUKSUR: A Pink Bubble?

“-Hi mom! Ah yes, everything is perfect. Oh no, the food is completely fine, it’s just a bit different. Yeah, yes I feel like I’ve […]