Diana Enriquez
ENRIQUEZ: Remember to say I love you

I have never loved Boston as much as I did yesterday.

ENRIQUEZ: Finding grace and a case against marijuana

I wanted to ask my friends to stop smoking. No matter how good I became at paralyzing my face when people talked about their drug use, it will always be a reality for me.

ENRIQUEZ: You can’t ignore us

One of my professors made a joke at an election panel we held this year about how the “Latino vote gets rediscovered every four years.”

ENRIQUEZ: Design your own path

It’s telling that a year later, Marina Keegan’s piece on consulting and banking recruitment, “Even Artichokes have Doubts,” continues to ignite heated conversations across campus […]

ENRIQUEZ: The Myth of the Latino Vote

I genuinely look forward to the debates, the speeches at the DNC and the RNC and voter outreach programs that generate mountains of press. But […]

ENRIQUEZ: Accepting vulnerability

“I can imagine the face you are making right now,” says my best friend over the phone. And it’s true: He probably can. That is […]

ENRIQUEZ: For more inclusive activism

I like to think I’m making a difference. Many of us activists do. We get up every morning, scan the headlines for topics that interest […]

ENRIQUEZ: Defining secure communities

The first scare came in December. I received news from City Hall that the Secure Communities Act was to be implemented in New Haven. I […]

ENRIQUEZ: Split families, split personalities

‘Listen. My boyfriend is in a hospital just outside Guatemala City. He doesn’t have enough money on him to pay for his medical services in […]

Enriquez: Defending birth right citizenship

The recent elections have been a cause of concern for me and many of those close to me. This apprehension is not specifically related to […]