Dhruv Aggarwal
Eid banquet brings students together

Commons was decked out on Wednesday night in flags and lights to host a dinner celebrating the Muslim festival Eid-al-Adha. Hosted by the Yale Muslim […]

New legislation sweeps states

Last night, voters across 38 states expressed their opinions on more than 176 pieces of legislation. From the legalization of recreational marijuana use in Massachusetts, […]

BME prof wins Packard Fellowship

Yale biomedical engineering assistant professor Rong Fan was awarded the 2012 Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering Oct. 15. Fan, who passed several screening rounds […]

Yalies place in top 10 at programming competition

Three Yale teams emerged in the top 10 of an Oct. 28 programming competition that brought together computer connoisseurs for a one-day tournament held at […]

Milky Way consumes stars, galaxies

The Milky Way is slowly expanding its domain by ingesting neighboring galaxies and stars, according to a recent study conducted by Yale astronomers. Astronomy student […]

Research links genetics, autism

Researchers have come one step closer to unraveling the genetic origins of autism. A study examining the relationship between genetic abnormalities and autism, which appeared […]

President and CEO of Citizens United talks campaign finance

David Bossie, president and CEO of Citizens United, delivered an address on the importance of free speech in politics at the Yale Political Union Tuesday […]

AGGARWAL: The bubble’s good for us

Claude Levi Strauss, the father of structural anthropology, was often said to observe humans like ants, discerning universal laws that guided their behavior. Today’s anthill […]

Report finds uptick in robberies, sex offenses

Yale released its annual report on campus security and fire safety for 2011 in an email sent Monday afternoon by Associate Vice President for Administration […]

Yale Club of NYC plans funding initiative

The Yale Club of New York City is outlining plans to begin funding undergraduate organizations ­— particularly those representing cultural and racial minorities on campus […]

AGGARWAL: For success, protect liberty

Among the Cold War’s more fascinating legacies, the tales of double agents and dangerous subterfuge are the stuff novels are made of. In an age […]