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SHIRNEKHI: The price we pay

Yesterday evening, students, alumni and concerned allies shared our stories about mental illness and mental health care. Students Unite Now delivered 585 signatures to the […]

SHIRNEKHI: On cancel culture

“Cancel culture didn’t start getting the language of ‘culture’ until mostly white people in power started being held to account for their actions and behaviors,” […]

SHIRNEKHI: A financial crisis

“We are in a financial crisis.”  Last week, Mayor Justin Elicker spoke to me over the phone for an interview. He explained that the city […]

The Angle Ep. 4: SHIRNEKHI: On grief

Staff columnist Dereen Shirnekhi reads her piece about opening up a discussion around death and grief, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Edited by Carlos Carrillo-Gallegos. […]


Today, someone is dying. They’re lying in a hospital bed, or in their home. Perhaps they did not even know that when they woke up […]

SHIRNEKHI: Incarcerated and at risk

Social distancing. Staying six feet apart. Disinfecting. Staying home. Avoiding large gatherings. Since being sent away from campus for the rest of the semester, it’s […]

SHIRNEKHI: Until we stick the landing

In a few days, many of us will be home. We’ll be sitting in the bedrooms we used to have nightmares in, surrounded by the […]

Sophie Henry
SHIRNEKHI: Finding our way home

When you belong to the vague conglomeration that is “Middle Eastern/North African” (MENA), there isn’t really an exact place where you know you belong. You’re […]

Dora Guo
SHIRNEKHI: Held in the heart

It seems like everyone around me is in love with someone they haven’t told, or never will tell. Maybe it isn’t love but feels like […]

Sammy Westfall
SHIRNEKHI: Something great

“Do you feel like you have to do something great?” my roommate asks me late into the hours of the night. The two of us […]

SHIRNEKHI: Listen up!

“What are your three desert island books?” I ask a friend in Donut Crazy at half past 11 p.m. on a Friday night that’s too […]

Anasthasia Shilov