Davis Nguyen
NGUYEN: Lessons from my aunt

My aunt won’t have a famed biography written in her honor, but her stories will continue to impact those who were lucky enough to have heard them

KIPP founder shares story

Dave Levin ’92, co-founder of the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) and superintendant of KIPP New York, drew on his experiences as an educator in […]

NGUYEN: Matchmaking on Valentine’s Day

A year ago, my girlfriend and I drove to the base of Stone Mountain in Georgia. We spent two hours hiking up the three-mile trail […]

Departments shifting to online section selection

Though department buildings have been overwhelmed with students waiting for section signups to begin in past years, more Yale departments are now transitioning to online […]

NGUYEN: Let the shopping adventure begin

After Steve Jobs died, Carmine Gallo compiled a list of lessons to be learned from Jobs for the magazine Entrepreneur. One of her rules to […]

NGUYEN: Lanman-Wright’s hidden greatness

I jumped from my kitchen chair with a smile on my face when Yale’s Sorting Hat pronounced me a Berkeleyite. With a central location, the […]

NGUYEN: Coming here to return home

My mother cried as I boarded my 7 a.m. flight. I had never seen her shed a tear. In my eyes, she was invincible. For […]