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WHIPPLE: Feeling Vile

What a difference a day makes.

Amy Klobuchar ‘82 on Gun Control and Community Politics

I think a lot of the women that have gone to the Senate, including myself, came up through what I call the “accountability route.” We actually had to show that we got things done.

WHIPPLE: Lawyers and judges

Among law students, it’s apparently taboo to say you want to be a judge. Why this is, I don’t know; the nature of a taboo is that you don’t ask why it’s taboo. But it seems that the very desire to be a judge is at odds with a judge’s temperament: cool, disinterested, objective. If you want to be a judge, you shouldn’t be a judge.

Twin peaks, first among equals

All rock bands sound the same live.

WHIPPLE: Don’t just vote for money

It’s hard to say exactly how much money is too much to allow into politics — but you don’t have to draw a clear line to see when someone has long since crossed it.

Wyoming senator headlines conservative conference

Senator John Barrasso, the keynote speaker for this year’s William F. Buckley Jr. Conference, spoke at a dinner at the Omni Hotel to hundreds of students and alumni.

WHIPPLE: A nonexistent legislature

Nobody knows what a perfect legislature looks like. Tackling the question in the Politics, Aristotle prefaces it with the caveat, “Well, that’s a toughie, isn’t it?” You could take Directed Studies […]

BASEBALL | Elis look to break Ivy tie

It’s always nice to beat archrival Harvard (6-22, 3-5 Ivy), but for Yale baseball this weekend, it is shaping up to be crucial.

BASEBALL | Hickey halts three-game skid

After the baseball team struggled to three straight losses this weekend, left-hander David Hickey ’14 put the Elis back on their feet with a complete game shutout against Penn on Sunday.

Yalie mixtape offers lulz, weed

“HaHa,” the title of the new mixtape by student rapper Jake Backer ’14 and producer Mad Dangerous (alum Will Hutchinson ’12), leaves some room for […]

Palin ’14 elected football captain

After a disappointing 2–8 season culminating in a heartbreaking loss to Harvard, Yale football is already preparing for next year.