David Finney
Outdoors: Fly fishing, first rain in Telluride

  When you’re stripping fly line in the Dolores River, what strikes you about the slopes of the San Juan Mountains looming overhead is their […]

Outdoors: With warm weather come thoughts of trout fishing

I was asked recently when fishing season opens in Connecticut. The fellow was referring to trout — the quarry of choice for a large number […]

Teams seek renovation of equestrian center

Beyond Coxe Cage, on the other side of Central Ave., 60 horses live year-round in what Yale’s Web site calls “the Athletic Department’s greatest secret.” […]

Outdoors: Flying with ‘Dynamite’

Your stomach is at your knees when the engine groans and the little plane begins to fall backward out of the sky. The steering wheel […]

Outdoors: A whirlwind tour of the Civil War

As I sped southward down Interstate 81, the clouds were incising shadows on the rolling hills of the Shenandoah Valley. Those hills must have looked […]

Dinosaur hunting in the Mad River Valley

It was dark and raining. The fog was thick as maple syrup as we raced up Interstate 91 through the bowels of the Green Mountains […]

Outdoors: Feeling old lately

There’s something about waterfowling lately that makes me feel old. Really old. Earlier this fall, a classmate was spinning a great yarn about a summer […]

Harvard lacks manly virtues

College football as we know it was nurtured through its infancy at Yale and Harvard about 120 years ago. As we cross our fingers for […]

Outdoors: Boyhood, baseball, and a voice

It was almost 10 p.m. when we finally slipped out of the Briton Hadden Memorial Building and then out of New Haven last Thursday. There […]

Rugby violates alcohol policy, awaits penalties

Yale’s rugby club is awaiting disciplinary rulings from both the New England Rugby Football Union (NERFU) and the University’s athletics department. The pending censure stems […]

Outdoors: A chance not to be missed

This is no subtle ploy. “Put on your gear, prepare your heart;” this is a call to action! The gear here is no more than […]