Dante Motley
Staff Reporter
Dante Motley is public editor for the News. He was previously managing editor, and prior to that he covered Black communities at Yale and in New Haven. He has also served as an Associate Editor for the YDN Magazine and worked on "The Yalie" podcast. Dante is a senior in Grace Hopper College majoring in anthropology.
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Yale researchers develop video game to help Black teenage girls make healthy dating decisions

A team of researchers from Yale’s School of Medicine and School of Public Health have created a video game to help Black teenage girls make healthy choices when it comes to dating and sex.

New Haven Pride Center hosts conversation on Guyana

The New Haven Pride Center hosted an event where they discussed the state of queer rights in Guyana and the Caribbean.

The Yalie Ep6: Rhodes Scholars Galore

Tune in to episode 6 of The Yalie, where host Carter Dewees talks to the 4 Yale Rhodes Scholars of this year. Produced by Carter Dewees, […]

Aldermanic committee gives green light to controversial inclusionary zoning ordinance

After much debate, a piece of housing legislation that would require New Haven developers to make a specific amount of their units affordable was unanimously voted in by the Board of Alders Legislation Committee.

Writer Yi-Ling Liu ’17 speaks to Yale about Chinese internet culture

In a Poynter Fellowship in Journalism event on Monday, Liu spoke about Chinese internet and its culture in an event titled “Metaphors of Online Life in China.”

City and state push COVID-19 booster shots as eligibility expands

As more of the population becomes eligible for a booster shot, New Haven officials have urged residents to get their third dose.

Y-H Spissue: Adorable Ugly Healthy Handsome Dan

In the University’s Visitor Center sits a miniature blue-and-white house adorned with Ys and bones. It’s the brand new home of our school’s cute and […]

Yale New Haven Health System faces nurse shortage

As the Yale New Haven Health System emerges from the brunt of its battle with coronavirus, it faces another challenge — an ongoing shortage of nurses.

Yale students and professors shape global environmental policy at COP26 conference

Student participants expressed varying levels of optimism about the conference’s ability to create change.

Yale students to participate in COP26, annual UN Climate Summit

More than 20 students from the Yale School of the Environment and Yale are set to participate in COP26, the annual UN Climate Summit, to support climate change policy.

Local organizations host event on zoning laws’ environmental effects

Two local organizations, Desegregate Connecticut and Save the Sound, on Monday hosted an educational event on how zoning laws affect the environment, and how to […]