Dante Motley
Staff Reporter
Dante Motley is public editor for the News. He was previously managing editor, and prior to that he covered Black communities at Yale and in New Haven. He has also served as an Associate Editor for the YDN Magazine and worked on "The Yalie" podcast. Dante is a senior in Grace Hopper College majoring in anthropology.
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AfAm House Director Dean Nelson shifts to new role with Library

Assistant Dean of Yale College Risë Nelson will leave her role as Director of the African American Cultural House for an inaugural role at the Yale University Library.

The Yalie Ep 9: Lawsuits Galore

In episode 9 of the Yalie, Georgiana Grinstaff and Nick Vilay discuss with YDN Reporters Jordan Fitzgerald and Philip Mousavizadeh about four current lawsuits against […]

Black History Month brings meaningful recipes to dining halls

Throughout the month of February, residential college dining hall menus were supplemented with special recipes shared by Black Yale Hospitality staff members.

MULTIMEDIA: Sounds of Yale

Yale is a sensory experience. So here is a collection of sounds that shape our experience as Yalies accompanied by the photos that represent the […]

Reginald Dwayne Betts shares stories from his “writing life”

Reginald Dwayne Betts, legal scholar, writer, and education and prison reform advocate, aims to build 1,000 libraries in prisons across the country. Now, he will […]

African American Studies Department hosts first colloquium of the year

The department kicked off its Endeavors Colloquium with a panel called “Black Activism Amidst Community Violence.”

The Yalie Ep 7: How Yale’s Leave of Absence Policy Leaves Students Without a Choice

Tune in to Episode 7 of the Yalie, where hosts Dante Motley and Carter Dewees sit down with Serena Puang, the editor of the new […]

Five years after contentious name change, Grace Hopper community reflects on Calhoun legacy

Although Grace Hopper College’s former name — Calhoun — was removed in February 2017, memorabilia bearing his name or likeness still remains throughout the College.

CITY-ZENS: Frederick J. Streets, a New Haven activist, scholar and Pastor on preserving community

Rev. Frederick J. Streets DIV ’75 has taken on numerous roles over the course of his career, from serving as the first Black, Baptist chaplain […]

Shortlist for Breyer successor includes three Black female YLS grads

Following a widely publicized Supreme Court term, Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement and President Biden promised his replacement would be the Court’s first Black woman. A suspected shortlist includes three Yale Law School graduates.

INSIGHT: Industry Connections

Throughout spring 2020, multiple strangers received a curious message. “Come to my house and make films.” Excited by the idea of taking time off from […]