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TENREIRO-BRASCHI: In defense of Schwarzman

Nearly two years have passed since University President Peter Salovey announced that Stephen A. Schwarzman ’69 pledged $150 million for the creation of a student […]

TENREIRO-BRASCHI: Misapplying history

Soon after President Donald Trump’s administration decided to launch a missile strike on a Syrian, critics immediately drew parallels to the Iraq War. We have […]

TENREIRO-BRASCHI: Teach the military

In the past month, observant Yale students may have noticed an increase in the number of military uniforms around campus. A few weeks ago, students […]

TENRIERO-BRASCHI: Lessons from the Oscars

Some things are not supposed to happen. Due to a mix of historical precedent, data analysis and assumptions about human nature, we go through life […]

TENREIRO-BRASCHI: Deluded puppeteers

In one of the most renowned passages of Greek historian Herodotus’ Histories, the famously wealthy Lydian king Croesus asks the wise Athenian lawgiver Solon to […]

TENREIRO-BRASCHI: Curing Trump fever

To be sure, everything is political in some sense, and politics is elemental to our existence. However, it is not the be all and end all of public life: Sometimes, it is best to simply marvel at the beauty of a work of art or a poem, without considering its implications on say, gender norms or class struggle.

TENREIRO-BRASCHI: The real Big Brother

Professor Watchlist is counterproductive and juvenile, but it highlights a serious problem in the academy: Liberal thought has become orthodoxy.

TENREIRO-BRASCHI: This is not the end

Our founders established ingenious political institutions that have weathered two-and-a-half centuries of perpetual challenges and made us the greatest nation on earth. Acting as if Donald Trump threatens centuries of progress gives him much more credit than he deserves.


Today, the notion of a quintessential “Yale Man” is laughable. In the late '60s, when the University made the long-overdue decision to expand its intake to include women and more minority and low-income students, the “Yale ethos” dissolved as a result of an increasingly diverse student body.

TENREIRO-BRASCHI: The media and its discontents

Yale students are familiar with studying for standardized tests in high school. You ceaselessly review flashcards, committing unfamiliar words like “impecunious” and “noisome” to memory. […]


In his 1993 essay “E Unibus Pluram,” American writer David Foster Wallace argued against the overarching tone of his era’s most celebrated literature. Excessive irony […]