Daniel Nichanian
For McCain, all-American strategy may backfire

Late last week, John McCain unveiled what his campaign described as its “first general election ad.” The 60-second clip introduces McCain as “the American president […]

For Sarkozy and Dubya, a shared playbook

Always eager to intensify the extremism of his rhetoric, the increasingly unpopular French President Nicolas Sarkozy is seeking to regain approval by coupling a despicable […]

Cult-like chant does not translate into real change

Three words have been running through my mind ever since I finally forced myself to watch the YouTube video sensation that features an all-star cast […]

Devolving dialogues in the Democratic primary

After a year of political chatter leading up to the first 2008 contests, it’s hard to find anything new to say about the Democratic primaries. […]

Obama’s Reagan Revolution

In the run up to the Nevada caucuses, Barack Obama offered disaffected progressives unsure of where to turn in the Democratic primary yet another reason […]

No sure candidate leaves left-leaning voters in bind

The political world froze on Friday when a man entered Hillary Clinton’s office in Rochester, N.H., claiming he had a pipe bomb strapped to his […]

Irrational GOP fire makes Clinton look like far left

From the start of her campaign, Hillary Clinton has firmly established herself as the most conservative of the Democratic candidates; but the vehemence of the […]

France’s president furthers anti-immigrant agenda

Having spent much of the past five years following the career of the newly-elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy, I understand full well how much he […]

Clinton, Obama hawk over Kyl-Lieberman

Just as it slowly built up its case for the Iraq War, the Bush Administration is drumming the war beat again – this time against […]

In Craig case, stigma clouds judgment

Public bathroom users, beware: Taking a bag with you in the stall has become an unmistakable sign that you are preparing to engage in homosexual […]