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The School of Exile

The runners are students at Pierre Claver, a small private school for adult refugees in the quiet, soft-with-wealth Seventh Arrondissement. Every day, 150 refugees cycle in and out of Claver’s grassy courtyard, up and down two floors of tiny but homey classrooms. They take classes on French language, but also French history, art, poetry — and sport. Not two blocks away from the seat of French government, this school is trying to form the next generation of French citizens — and they are refugees.

LETTER: 12.8.16

Aaron Sibarium’s column, “The real case for Calhoun” (Dec. 7, 2016) is intellectually dishonest on at least three levels.

There is a pain — so utter

In 2010, my dad died of ALS and I found a new favorite poem. The two are connected, I see that now. Back then, the […]