Daniel Holevoet
Popular alternatives add to software choices

When computers first became available to individuals, most of the cost was in the hardware, and the software that it came with was basically free. […]

Role-playing games provoke legal concerns

If you ask the average Yalie if they have ever heard of an MMORPG, or better yet, played one, you are likely to get a […]

With e-mail, sometimes the best is free

Imagine life 20 years ago. No cheap cell phones, no instant messaging and, worst of all, no e-mail. But thankfully, we’re not in the past. […]

Not connected yet? Here’s how

By Daniel Holevoet Staff reporter Arriving at Yale, either as a returning student or incoming freshman, creates an overwhelming list of important things to do […]

Network troubles usually have a quick fix

Almost every Yalie uses the University network on a daily basis, and every student has probably had problems with it as well. But with a […]

Safety of private info on Internet is questionable

By Daniel Holevoet contributing reporter The caller knew her name, her address, her number and that she went to Yale. But this was no job […]

Tables turn in campus Mac vs. Windows feud

Many of the great pop-culture debates of our time involve intense rivalries — Yankees versus Red Sox, Britney versus Christina, Ford versus Chevy. Among these […]

Spyware is the newest epidemic to hit PCs

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Yalies who have been around computers for more than a few years will […]

Profs explore use of MEMS

By Daniel Holevoet Contributing Reporter Cellular phones squeeze a microphone, transmitter and battery pack into a small package for convenience, but some problems must have […]

Yalies consider risks of electronic polling

It is once again the time of year when Yalies rush to send out their absentee ballots and prepare for their traditional trips to the […]

Wireless network is not completely safe

Grace Hsieh ’07 said she uses Yale’s wireless network all the time. So do many of her friends and “almost everybody” she sees in the […]