Around Elm City – The New Green Revolution!

Now friend, you seem like a conscious person. I mean really conscious — I can tell you care about making the world a better place for all of Mother Earth’s children. Well, I wouldn’t share this with just any old person, but let me tell you about a little something I like to call the […]

Short Feature

The Fight of a Dancing Thinker

Before she came to New Haven, before she brought dance to the Yale curriculum, and before she began her crusade to have dance accepted as a legitimate part of an Ivy League education, Emily Coates introduced Twyla Tharp to the Blue Book. At the time, Coates was 29. Taking classes at Fordham University, she had […]


We Don’t Do Shaves

Carl McManus loves that mug. I could tell from his voice, which hushed when he told me, “This one’s very precious.” The mug is the color of an ivory piano key, with a groove for a barber’s thumb where the handle meets the lip. Marked with a golden number five, its surface has cracked into […]


YSFP’s missions make program worthwhile

Guest Column

Back Page – EXTRA! EXTRA!

By DANIEL FROMSON Associated Press Writer *** New Haven, Conn. (AP) — Sex is not a taboo subject at Yale, home to the popular class “Biology of Gender and Sexuality” and Sex Week, one of the nation’s most provocative campus events. And it seems that its randy students are putting what they’re learning to good […]

Short Feature

Profile – It’s Not About the Money

Joe Luciano is seated in the back room of the Giordano Construction Company’s New Haven field office at 198 College Street. Although he works as a senior project manager for the new high school across the street, Joe is mostly a father: the father of four-and-a-half-year-old Julianna Rose Luciano, and a father who collects coins. […]


Crouching hounie, Hidden Chef?

Look at that! Oh damn, look at that!” I’m sitting on the couch with Stephen Lassonde, and we’re watching TV. He sounds as if a wide receiver just made a one-handed catch in the end zone, but the image on the screen is of a blender containing almonds. The camera zooms in, and a woman […]

Short Feature

Alum wins French literary award

Jonathan Littell ’89 joined the ranks of Marcel Proust, André Malraux and Simone de Beauvoir on Monday when he won the Prix Goncourt, France’s highest literary honor. Littell won the prize for his novel “Les Bienveillantes,” a 903-page fictional memoir of a former Nazi SS officer who reinvented himself as a lace manufacturer in northern […]


McPhee reads, discusses work

A half hour before John McPhee’s reading Thursday night, the Branford College common room was two-thirds full. When McPhee arrived, the room was packed and many students were standing to catch a glimpse of one of America’s preeminent nonfiction writers. Public readings by McPhee are rare, according to Fred Strebeigh, who teaches nonfiction writing at […]


Sustainable food is a luxury, but an environmentally justified one

Guest Column

M. soccer to take on Princeton

After a long streak of away games, the Elis will have the comfort of starting off the Ivy season at home this weekend. The stakes are high, but so is morale. A win against Princeton (3-2-2) would establish Yale (3-3-1) as one of this season’s Ivy League contenders, but a loss could take the wind […]