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DANGARAN: Zooming out

When women of color at the entrance of a fraternity at Yale suffer, we all suffer. When the Legion of Black Collegians at Mizzou suffers, we all suffer. When teens in McKinney suffer, we all suffer. Ferguson. Charleston. Staten Island. Sanford. And revealed most recently: Chicago. We are all racism’s students, unwittingly caught up in a semester of suffering.

DANGARAN AND MURCHISON: Building queer spaces

Here is a truth: Regretting a community you don’t have will not bring it into being. Here is another: You can have that community, one that embraces you in your entirety — if you take it upon yourself to build it.

DANGARAN: Shift the LGBT mainstream

Many staff members I spoke to acknowledged that reprioritization is necessary at the HRC. I wholeheartedly agree.