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Yalie starts Patricia’s fundraiser

Patricia’s Restaurant, a local breakfast favorite and staple in the diet of many a Yalie, has closed its doors on weekdays following a medical emergency […]

Amazon passes on CT

Amazon’s newest headquarters will not be in the Elm City — or any Connecticut city for that matter.

Yale-NUS president visits Yale

Yale-NUS President Tan Tai Yong visited Benjamin Franklin College on Wednesday for a college tea, one stop on a week-long visit to campus designed to […]

Climate change survey shows growing awareness

The study reported that the percentage of Americans who say they are “very worried” about global warming has doubled since 2015.

Book by Yale-NUS prof recalls DS debate

In a book released earlier this month, titled “Taking Back Philosophy: A Multicultural Manifesto,” Yale-NUS professor Bryan Van Norden criticizes European philosophy for its exclusionary […]

Dwayne Betts admitted to CT bar

Every year, scores of recent law school graduates pass the bar and are granted the right to practice law. On Friday, Reginald Dwayne Betts LAW […]

SOM pilots masters degree in systemic risk

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, much of the blame for the near collapse of the global financial system fell on the shoulders […]

Andover-Newton settles in at Yale

Founded by New England Congregationalists concerned with a growing adherence to unitarianism at Harvard, Andover Newton Theological School became the nation’s first graduate institution in […]

Post weighs in on campus speakers

Yale has so far avoided the skirmishes between protesters and far-right groups that have taken place at universities across the country — from UC Berkeley […]

Global Affairs major set to change

The Jackson Institute for Global Affairs this week announced a two-phase remodeling of the undergraduate Global Affairs major that will eliminate the separation between the […]

Law School clinic helps free man after 23-year sentence

Lamonte McIntyre was arrested on April 15, 1994, accused of committing a double homicide earlier that day. He spent the next 23 years behind the bars of a Kansas City jail for a crime he did not commit.