Biology major may split

Ten years after two departments decided to offer a single Biology major, professors in those departments agree the major should be split in two. The University’s Committee on Majors is currently reviewing a proposal — submitted by the Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Departments — to create separate biology majors. […]


West Campus still building critical mass

Despite the recent addition of new amenities on Yale’s West Campus intended to better connect faculty members with each other, many researchers there still feel the site is isolated and relatively empty. Within the past year, administrators have expanded dining options at the facility, increased the frequency of shuttles from Science Hill and added weekly […]


Yale renews focus on energy education

After more than two years of student demand for a more comprehensive curriculum on renewable energy and fossil fuels, students and faculty formalized plans Wednesday for a new undergraduate program in energy studies. The proposed program, an energy certificate awarded by the Yale Climate and Energy Institute, is not a Yale College major but would […]


HackYale reimagines web education

The five team members behind HackYale, the University’s newest student-run class on Web startups, are hoping to cultivate a community of programmers. HackYale, which held its first session last Wednesday, teaches web development to students with any level of coding experience. The course is geared toward entrepreneurs and will offer weekly lessons on programming to […]


Cat settles into Morse

A friendly American short hair cat has been spotted in the Morse courtyard since Saturday, without a collar or apparent owner. So far he has spent his time slinking around, inspecting the ground, and rubbing against people’s legs for food.


YCC launches new website

The Yale College Council has built a new home online. This Friday, the YCC will put the finishing touches on its new website, which had its initial launch at Sept. 8, in time for YCC elections. Council representatives said they hope the redesigned website will become a definitive guide to student-run events on campus […]


Toledo Blade

I made it to the Toledo Blade newspaper every morning on a bike from Target whose rubber handles slid off slowly and whose back brakes were almost useless. Riding in khakis and a button-down, I looked so earnestly out of place that pedestrians who saw me were too confused to laugh out loud. In the […]

Small Talk

Why’d They Bring You Here, Dorothy?

This is the state of the commercial rave scene in Los Angeles: there are tides of dark jeans on pencil bodies with shy faces, and waves of exposed push-up bras on pale and tan chests, the bras laced or otherwise, most of them exuding that Halloween quality, like they might be some kind of joke. […]


Labyrinth owners confirm closure

Labyrinth Books’ co-owners have confirmed in a press release that the store will be closing its doors on May 31, citing the difficulty of managing the New Haven location while also living in Princeton, New Jersey with their two daughters since 2007. The co-owners came to Princeton when Princeton University invited them to open and […]


Labyrinth may close

Unless a buyer steps in with an offer, Labyrinth Books could close in as soon as two weeks. For the last few months, the York Street bookstore, which has offered Yale course books as well as a variety of academic titles for more than five years, has searched for a buyer without success, said Labyrinth […]


MAGAZINE | Student DJs at Electro

In February I covered student DJ Brian Waswani Odhiambo ’12 and his rise to campus prominence within the last year. His latest venture was at Commons dining hall on Saturday night, when he performed with five other student DJs at Yale College Council’s “Electro” — the council’s only electronic music party of the year. As […]