Daniel Bethencourt
Announcing the 2013 Wallace Prize winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted to this year’s Wallace Prize in fiction and nonfiction. We are excited to announce the winning pieces, which will be published […]

Announcing the 2013 Wallace Prize

The Wallace Prize is the most prestigious independently awarded undergraduate writing prize for fiction and nonfiction at Yale. Winners will receive a substantial cash prize, and winning […]

Don’t Apologize In Wartime

I was in a guesthouse in Johannesburg, South Africa that had its own high white walls and electric sliding gate with four dogs, they barked […]

Science campuses spread

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s announcement in December that Cornell University would build an engineering campus on the city’s Roosevelt Island not only mirrors […]

Sciences to revise teaching strategies

As science departments work to enhance teaching quality and improve course offerings for non-science majors, several department heads said limited resources hinder progress. A curricular […]

Exoplanets a “high priority” for G&G Department

The Astronomy Department’s newest seminar is the University’s first course offering to undergraduates in a rapidly developing scientific field. The spring semester class, “Exoplanets,” studies […]

Unlocking Early Admissions

In 2006, Harvard and Princeton made a bold move: they ended a program that had sustained college admissions for decades. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”108″ ] They claimed […]

New storage system to fill research needs

Though the University announced the creation of a new mass storage system to meet the needs of faculty researchers in mid-October, the new backup option […]

Startup Culture Goes Viral

When Charlie Croom ’12 entered the world of programming, he was six years old and had just learned to read. When he switched on his […]

Nano-device tracks single photons

A new device may allow NASA telescopes to analyze light from distant galaxies billions of lightyears away, starting in a decade or two. Researchers at […]

Profs scour Hawaiian sky

Astronomy professor Debra Fischer has spent some early mornings this fall peering into the Hawaiian night sky in search of new planets, using one of […]