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GOLF: Two first-place finishes for the Elis

This weekend, both the men’s and the women’s golf teams swung to the top of their tournaments.

GOLF: No. 4 and No. 7 finishes for Yale

Both the Yale men’s and the women’s golf teams overcame significant challenges at their respective tournaments this past week.

Panel will attempt to solve transportation funding quandary

Facing the challenge of funding a series of ambitious, decades-long transportation projects, Gov. Dannel Malloy announced the formation of a Transportation Finance Panel last week. […]

State launches fast track bus service

In line with Gov. Dannel Malloy’s focus to improve statewide transportation over the next three decades, Connecticut’s first Bus Rapid Transit system, CTfastrak, debuted this Saturday at the downtown New Britain station.

Despite opposition, state moves to implement tolls

Despite significant opposition from residents, business owners and state officials, the state’s Transportation Committee passed a bill last Wednesday that requires the state to install electronic tolls on Connecticut highways.

GOLF: Top-five, top-15 finishes for golf

Over spring break, both the men’s and the women’s golf teams traveled to warmer climates for their season opening tournaments.

High-speed rail bill skips state, sparks debate

Federal, state and city officials convened on Friday at Union Station to criticize the federal proposal for a new high-speed railway line in the Northeast Corridor that would skip over Connecticut.

GOLF: Yale migrates over break

Both the men’s and the women’s golf teams are on the road to warmer cities this spring break in order to prepare for the upcoming spring season.

Malloy outlines plan for Union Station parking garage

Although his transportation proposal for the state will take 30 years to complete, the Union Station garage is a top priority that will be included in the first five-year ramp up of the plan, Malloy announced in his budget address.

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL: Bulldogs fall to tough competition

The Yale women’s basketball team returns home this weekend having lost two more games on the road against Princeton and Penn, largely due to an inability to make shots.

State officials debate ways to fund Malloy’s transit goals

State officials are debating proposals to finance Gov. Dannel Malloy’s long-term transportation goals, introduced in his budget address last Wednesday.