Dan Fleschner
Champion sports look ahead

Whether or not you’re planning to be a varsity athlete, sports at Yale can be a very big part of your collegiate experience. Everyone certainly […]

Top three Eli sports moments, 1997-2001

For most seniors by this point, those essays are in and life feels pretty good right now. Sure, most of us have a few more […]

W. lax fields the most exciting team around

Are you tired of watching games in which the brawniest players push and shove their way to success? Sick of watching Shaquille O’Neal act the […]

Pay attention to coaches on phonebooks

Take a look at your Connecticut phonebook for a minute. Don’t look inside, just check out the cover and tell me what you see. Yes, […]

NCAA musings from the couch

Thanks to a mix-up at the NCAA offices regarding my press pass for the men’s basketball tournament, I spent much of the last two weekends […]

Memories from men’s hockey’s Class of ’01

Of all the games from the 2000-01 Yale men’s hockey season, none was more reflective of the entire year than the final one. It was […]

Elis need to focus in race for home ice

How did Jeff Hamilton ’01 thank the fans at Ingalls Rink Saturday night for four years of unflagging support? It was no problem, really. In […]

The wild state of Ivy League basketball

Is it just me, or is men’s basketball in the Ivy League turning into men’s hockey in the ECAC? We’ve all gotten used to upset […]