Reflections from the sofa jockey

Toward the end of last semester, I made a bet with a friend regarding whether or not I could make it until the end of the year without whining. So a) Lindsay, you owe me dinner, and b) Back to the whining. As I begin writing this column, it’s Sunday night, and I’m sitting on […]

The big five wintertime questions

As far as this column goes, Thanksgiving break has bit me in the ass twice. First, I wasn’t here to watch any Yale sports over break. Hence the BCS column last week. By the way, I’m convinced there’s a higher power laughing at me right now. I somehow manage to oust USC from the national […]

BCS owes spectators a rematch

Let me begin by apologizing to James Schulte. For those who don’t know my former co-Sports Editor here at the News, Schulte is a great guy. Belligerent, perhaps, but there are worse things in life. More pertinent to this column, Schulte is a Notre Dame football fan. “Diehard” might be a more apt term, actually. […]

Falling to Harvard unacceptable for ’06 football program

Watching the Princeton game on Saturday, I watched my own predictions and assessments unfold before my eyes. Running the ball on first and second down. Complete lack of offensive or defensive adjustment. Worst coaching I may have ever seen. And I couldn’t have been less happy about being right. Yeah, I know, I said no […]

Predictable Elis need a shakeup

Apparently none of the editors of this newspaper liked my last column. Jess, my editor, said it didn’t have any coherence. A half-tipsy Managing Editor yelled at me that it wasn’t about anything. And the Editor-in-Chief just shook her head at me when I asked her what she thought. This has taught me a very […]

Columnist promises to improve

I have to apologize right here at the get-go. This column is going to suck. Quite a selling point, I know. Call it midterm season and the fact that my life has been woefully deprived of sports for the past two or three weeks. Chalk it up to the fact that I’ve had to haul […]

Upset bid falls short for f. hockey

On paper, the Elis were outshot, 12-6, and ultimately beaten, 1-0, by a local rival last night. But considering that the local rival was nationally-ranked No. 18 University of Connecticut (7-3), and that the Huskies beat the Elis (2-6, 0-2 Ivy) 8-1 last fall, the Bulldogs may have found the game they needed to take […]

Soaring Elis await Stags

The University of North Carolina Tar Heels are ranked No. 1 in the country in all three of the major NCAA women’s soccer polls. They have won all 10 of their games — including a 1-0 defeat of Yale Sept. 4 — by the obscene combined score of 42-3. The Fairfield Stags are not the […]

Elis try to end four-game skid

On Sept. 2, defender Heather Orrico ’07 scored on a penalty corner with less than three minutes on the clock to send the field hockey team to a 1-0 win over Sacred Heart in the Bulldogs’ season opener. Nearly three weeks later, the Elis are still looking for win number two. “We really need a […]

Volleyball comes home for invitational

After ups and downs on the road to start out their 2005 season, the chance to beat up on some non-conference rivals in their home opener may be just what the Yale volleyball team needs. The Bulldogs (2-1, 0-0 Ivy) host the Yale Invitational this weekend and will try to shake off offseason rust against […]

Fall brings a new start for w. tennis

A new head coach, a new assistant coach, five new freshmen and five months later, the Yale women’s tennis team is ready to begin another season. The Bulldogs kick off their 2005 fall season this weekend when they host the two-day Yale Fall Invitational. The tournament, held annually at the beginning of the fall season, […]