Cristo Liautaud
LIAUTAUD: Yale’s innovator’s dilemma

International engagement does not decorate Yale’s leadership; it decides it. Our pursuit of knowledge is limited only by our ability to attract the broadest perspectives.

Forum: International Affairs

With the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, continuing discussion of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s comments on the Benghazi attacks and Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s announcement of new powers, […]

LIAUTAUD: The third president-elect

As an international student body of aspiring leaders, we must maintain an eager awareness of China’s leadership developments.

LIAUTAUD: Our responsibility on gender

Let me share three stories with you. The first one took place in 1977. Five Yale women sued the University for a violation of Title […]

LIAUTAUD: Yale’s role among young global leaders

On Dec. 30th, 2011, I was celebrating my 20th birthday. On the other side of the world, Kim Jong-un was receiving the official title of […]

LIAUTAUD: Friending China

On a recent Sunday afternoon, I was sitting in one of Peking University’s many crowded classrooms getting some work done, but I soon found myself […]