Cora Lewis
Novum Organum to be revived

Students at the School of Architecture are working to breathe life into a new organ for the school in the near future. But they’re dabbling […]

Davenport gets new bushes

The Davenport courtyard received 52 new holly bushes early this week – thanks to landscaping problems that may date back to the college’s renovation. The […]

Modern Love seeks basement

Rising from the dead, appropriately on Halloween, Modern Love told its fans, “You can help us stay alive” Sunday night. Greg Rubin ’11, one of […]

Stewart rally pokes fun at media

Over 100 Yale students gave up Halloween weekend at Yale for an event with equally ridiculous costumes and pageantry. At the “Rally to Restore Sanity […]

Architecture School poster copied

Thanks to P. Diddy, the Yale School of Architecture now has some legitimate street cred. Sean Combs (aka Diddy) recently released a T-shirt design featuring […]

Univ. puts aside for repairs

Yale’s two new residential colleges may not be built yet, but the University is already planning for the day when they will need renovating. Yale […]

Stern ARC ’65 gives the rich what they want, says Times

The New York Times Magazine finds Dean of the School of Architecture Robert A. M. Stern ARC ’65 “most intriguing.” In a profile published Sunday, […]

Media Center breaks news

At 3 p.m. on Monday, Muhtar Kent, the CEO of Coca-Cola Company, was on CNBC talking about the financial state of his company. An hour […]

Yale Corporation talks long-term

The Yale Corporation, the University’s highest governing body, came to New Haven over the weekend to discuss Yale’s long-term goals. Meetings addressed the University’s international […]

At the School of Architecture, teaching via travel

For graduate students in the School of Architecture, the field trip has grown up. Most four- to eight-day trips for School of Architecture students, which […]

Police catch second gunman, crack down on Crown Street violations

A Crown Street police blitz in response to last week’s gunfight led to arrests and citations over the weekend. Police arrested a second man Saturday […]