Collin Gutman
Hilltoppers still bottom of the heap

Stand up if you think Western Kentucky is better than Duke and Georgetown. If you just stood up, go sit in the corner. You’re dumb. […]

No Country for Old Men: MLB free agency 2008

The economic downturn truly has hit us all. Just this week I saw a classified ad for a young man who cannot seem to find […]

NFL combine not always best test of future success

Football requires a unique combination of speed, agility, strength and talent to succeed. The NFL combine, which annually brings top college players from around the […]

Enough already, stop praising the ‘perfect’ Duncan

Tim Duncan exemplifies everything the NBA lacks. He hustles, he performs solidly without panache and he never mouths off to officials or the media. Tim […]

Hockey 101: The NHL in a nutshell

There has been a temptation building inside me for months now. Every time it comes close to surfacing, I have to squelch it. No, I […]

Let them play in the NBA — college may be a waste of their talent, ability

I remember the good old days when I was a freshman. It was only half a year ago. I remember living in dingy Lanman-Wright Hall […]

Sean Taylor is a person, not a storyline

I remember a time during senior year of high school when a kid on the Damascus High School hockey team called me a name that […]

The ‘U’ must be partly to blame for Taylor’s death

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. I wanted Winslow. I remember the 2004 NFL draft. Joe Gibbs took control […]

Millions are watching and so should you

Almost everyone in America watches the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. It determines the champion of the most popular sport in America. But what […]

Evolution: A World Series perspective

The Red Sox and the Rockies are like monkeys. The Texas Rangers are like woolly mammoths. The two teams competing in the World Series this […]