Gutman: Ravens vs. Steelers is winter wonderland

Some say sunset is the most romantic, magical time of day. Screw that, sunset sucks. I thought about this as I trekked to some godforsaken corner of Connecticut — also known as up Science Hill — in today’s arctic conditions. That good-for-nothing sun set while I was walking, and the return trip was colder and […]

Gutman: Just call them the Atlanta Cowards

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. The Atlanta Braves were once a model franchise. Under the brilliant guidance of John Schuerholz, the team featured a dominant pitching rotation with players like John Smoltz, Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux. These superstars led the proud franchise to a ridiculous 14 consecutive […]

Gutman: NFL needs to rethink tie-breaker system

My eighth grade gym teacher always used to make us play multiple overtimes in our P.E. soccer games to decide a winner. We never tied. “A tie is like kissing your sister,” he would declare. “Now find a winner.” Granted, Mr. McCabe is probably in jail for pedophilia; as I recall, he hit on every […]

Gutman: Celebrate champions

I saw the Detroit Red Wings celebrate their Stanley Cup victory in 1998. I also stayed up through the night this summer when the Celtics captured their 17th NBA title — not because I was excited, but because some idiots wouldn’t stop honking their horns at 3 a.m. As I lay awake hating Ford, General […]

Gutman: Gutman’s Gallup Poll

There’s only one way to predict who will be the next president of the United States. No, I’m not talking about the polls. Using polls to predict elections is like using a fake ID written in crayon to get into Toad’s: It might work sometimes, but you can’t depend on it. Half of the polls […]

Gutman: The salary cap, and why it’s beautiful

That football team from New York looks dominant. I don’t know who can stop them from winning the East. No, I don’t think the New York (Football) Giants will win the NFC East: There are too many good teams. No, I don’t think the New York (Football) Jets will win the AFC East: Brett Favre […]

Gutman: Why K-Rod, why now?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim closer Francisco Rodriguez should be commended for breaking the single-season record for saves. His miraculous season is truly one for the ages, as he seems poised to become the first athlete ever to record 60+ saves in a single Major League Baseball season. But why K-Rod, as he is affectionately […]

Gutman: Look to the top — Pitching matters

Sometimes I dream that the world as I know it has changed forever. Then my alarm wakes me up and launches me into the usual world of doing schoolwork for most of my waking life and watching the Yankees buy championships. Or at least AL East crowns. Pinch me. I must be asleep. The Bronx […]

Casey at the Bat: Only half of the American story

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. There is no joy in Mudville, for the Mighty Casey has struck out. Forget Shakespeare: Perhaps the greatest modern tragedy could be the story of Casey at the Bat. The Mudville Nine make a miraculous comeback, with two struggling hitters reaching base to […]

Yo, fans: Give these young kids a break

New York Plunges into Civil War. Montreal Avoids Riot. Miami Protects Most Valuable Asset. It seems that those damn kids are hogging all the headlines again. Yankees Universe is on the brink of implosion as fans of the Evil Empire are engaged in a struggle between the Joba-Chamberlain-Needs-to-Start faction and the Leave-the-Kid-Alone brigade. This 22-year-old […]

Finally healing: A soul, a city, a Red Sox Nation makes its peace

To celebrate a second World Championship in four years, the Boston Red Sox summoned Beantown’s heroes to Fenway Park: Bill Russell, Bobby Orr and Tedy Bruschi. They also summoned the goat. Not the Chicago Cubs’ Billy Goat who curses them. “The Goat” who became synonymous with the Red Sox’ Curse of the Bambino. The living […]