Collin Gutman
Gutman: 2010 QB class weak

The biggest game-changer, so to speak, for an unsuccessful franchise can be a superstar quarterback. When the Falcons drafted Matt Ryan, their offense took flight. […]

Gutman: NFL now all about passing game

Anyone who watched “Monday Night Football” this week looked on with puzzlement as Adrian Peterson struggled, posting only a 2.2 yards per carry average. The […]

Gutman: Twins’ Mauer power

It’s too late in the season to call it a fluke. Every time he plays part of a season and get injured, we claim that […]

Gutman: Statistics 101: QB equation

Here’s a football question that sounds like it came out of a nightmare you had when you fell asleep in introductory macroeconomics, intro microeconomics or […]

Gutman: A draft pick and a prayer

WASHINGTON Two weeks ago I went to a job interview. I sat down with the person who would be signing my paychecks and explained my […]

Gutman: Upside-down MLB

What matters is not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game. For the last few years, this seemed to be the […]

NCAA Tournament | Gutman: Experience a must for Yale teams

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. BRIDGEPORT There is no reason to speak about specifics of Friday’s hockey game. […]

Gutman: Hockey needs more love

The number one most frustrating activity in which I participate is golf. Whoever had the idea to spend a day whacking a little ball in […]

Gutman: Rethinking franchise operations

There needs to be a fundamental re-evaluation of the way in which sports franchises operate. Ownership presently cooperates with the general manager and president of […]

Gutman: Baseball transcends steroids

Baseball is not about the present. Even when individual games seem to matter, the other 161 in the season loom large. You can never get […]

Gutman: Someone please stop the football fluff

I love baseball. Even more than the game itself, I love the sportswriting that surrounds baseball. It’s almost completely result-oriented: who’s hot, who’s cold, who’s […]