Gutman: BoSox need offense

Don’t mess with success. There can’t be any more straightforward a rule than that one, yet some people seem to ignore it. Like this year’s Boston Red Sox. They’ve won two World Series, sold out hundreds of consecutive home games and rekindled memories of the glory days of the Sox thanks to one weapon: offense. […]

Gutman: NBA trading flawed

When the Celtics landed Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in 2007, they went from bottom feeders to instant championship contenders. The Boston faithful viewed it as a new age of hope for their once proud franchise. Since that trade the Celtics have taken home a title, regained their storied franchise’s legitimacy and emerged as one […]

Gutman: Hockey seniors should be proud

Any discussion of this year’s men’s hockey season has to begin by recognizing what an extraordinary team this group of guys proved to be. They are, with the possible exception of the 1952 team, the best team in the history of Yale hockey. This group of seniors is one of the most successful classes in […]

Gutman: Third line the key for Yale

Upon hearing that super-injured superstar forward Sean Backman ’10 would miss the NCAA tournament with a foot injury, I panicked. Other Yale students who have followed this year’s team closely might have reacted similarly. Number 16 is a presence on the ice. Not only does he have blazing speed and a surprisingly physical game, but […]

Gutman: Medal hopes rest on Miller

About a month ago, most Americans probably couldn’t name one player on the U.S. Olympic hockey team. Many of the old-guard mainstays like Mike Modano became names of the past in favor of a new core of energetic, young players like David Backes and Ryan Kesler. But after Team USA stunned the entire nation of […]

Gutman: Winter Games defy all

The Winter Olympics defy most rules of spectator sports. In almost every sporting event, the fans are in some way able to relate to the competitors. We’ve all played basketball at some point. Most of us have thrown a baseball. We can all run. Basketball players can shoot better, baseball players throw harder and track […]

Berkowitz and Gutman: Third and long for free speech on CBS

Guest Column

Gutman: Pro Bowl lacks top players

All-star games are fantastic for the fans. The upcoming NBA All-Star Game provides players an opportunity to take a few days off from the game while LeBron James and Kobe Bryant trade high-flying dunks. What makes NBA All-Star weekend even better is the skills competition, with the dunk contest and three-point shooting contest (Jason Kapono […]

Gutman: Why do coaches coach?

Why do coaches coach football? To win? For the money? To affect the lives of their players? For a challenge? Different coaches offer different insights into their motivations for pacing the sidelines each week and dedicating their every waking hour (and in Urban Meyer’s case, some sleeping hours) to football. But the recent actions of […]

Gutman: College is overrated

Who needs college? Brandon Jennings certainly doesn’t. When the NBA announced players would no longer be allowed to declare for the draft straight out of high school, most top prospects decided to “go to college” for a year. They practiced basketball, played some video games, went to just enough class to get by and then […]

Gutman: NBA keeps top teams winning

I hate change. Things are different after a change. Change tends to scare me. Which is why I love the NBA. Nothing really changes in professional basketball. Last year’s top contenders are, if anything, improved after the offseason while last year’s cellar dwellers still stink. And it doesn’t seem like a particularly bold prediction, based […]