Cody Pomeranz
POMERANZ: In pursuit of Lux et Veritas

With the opening of the new residential colleges, we have a powerful opportunity as a University and as a community to write back into history those who've shaped it.

POMERANZ: Make Cr/D/F mandatory

Yet students often attach a stigma to the Cr/D/F option. Instead of trying out new or challenging classes as the University intends for us to do, we seem to take a twisted pride in not using Cr/D/F.

POMERANZ: Show up and vote

In a Season 3 episode of Aaron Sorkin’s “The West Wing,” a staffer at a political fundraising luncheon tells the crowd, “It’s really something that […]

Attorney General speaks at local school

When agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation started canvassing the Hopkins School, students and faculty must have known something was up. Fortunately, their presence […]