Clarissa Marzán
Risky sex linked to weight

A new Yale study has revealed a connection between risky sexual behavior and body mass index. Research conducted by Yale Center for Interdisciplinary Research on […]

Yale studies fast food

Pretty soon one won’t be surprised to hear that a baby’s first words are “Big Mac.” A new study by Yale’s Rudd Center for Food […]

Sociology prof talks Obama, drama

At Labyrinth Books Thursday, sociology professor Jeffrey Alexander said that Barack Obama did not just win a presidential election in 2008 — he also won […]

Art investigator Noah Charney talks art crime

Noah Charney, an historian and novelist who taught a class on art crime at Yale last year, has come out with a new art crime […]

Yalies turn parking spots into miniparks

Among the sedans and trucks parked up and down College Street between Wall and Elm streets last Friday was a living room-like space, complete with […]