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Bring Your Own Popcorn

Every Thursday night this year, we and shockingly few of our friends and acquaintances will gather to watch a classic film. There is one rule […]

Assassins at the Rep

James Bundy’s DRA ’95 new production of “Assassins” roils with a kind of corrosive mania. In a series of loosely connected songs and vignettes, John […]

Setting Boundaries: Life Inside the Yale Eruv

Ignoring a rule is one thing. But to develop, over the course of 2,000 years, a legal workaround of such immense complexity, requiring years of persistence and constant supervision, all in the name of making people’s lives a bit easier, is almost sublime.

“Scenes” Serves Presidential Intrigue

It would be easy to mistake Scenes From Court Life, or The Whipping Boy And His Prince, Sarah Ruhl’s new play at the Yale Repertory […]