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An (Under)Seasoned Chef

It is Day 54 since I moved to Tokyo, and I’m standing in my “kitchen” trying to cook dinner. Here, the quotation marks around “kitchen” […]

WILLIAMSON: Paying it forward

“I pay tuition — Yale doesn’t need any of my money.” Or: “My small donation doesn’t mean anything.” Or: “I don’t even like Yale.” These […]

WILLIAMSON: Take it to go

The expensive price tag of the meal plans, compounded by their restrictive hours, simply doesn’t encourage students to purchase any of the available options. I find it difficult to reconcile Yale’s desire for “community” with the fact that I rarely see any of my off-campus friends in the dining halls.


Katsura Coffee in Kanazawa, Japan, has no menu. Instead Toshio Sakaguchi, 77, greets you with a piercing look and a blunt, “What do you want […]

WILLIAMSON: There’s more to giving

While I personally see many of the benefits of contributing — as a way to bond with classmates across residential colleges, to provide the financial aid of a future Yalie or to bolster the parts of Yale that play a large role in students’ lives, like the cultural houses or the libraries — I can understand why others would not or cannot.

WILLIAMSON: Alone but not lonely

I’m here to unashamedly say that for my senior year — the capstone to my Yale tenure — I will be living alone.

Two worlds, one sound

I feel like I’m looking through a window at a world defined by traditions and history that I will always respect but never quite understand.