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New YCBA exhibit highlights Idyllist artists

On Jan. 24, the Yale Center for British Art opened a new exhibit titled “Victorian Idyll,” which celebrates a new donation of 19th-century British artworks […]

Is Andy Warhol a Good Artist?

Last weekend, I had the chance to view the new blockbuster Andy Warhol exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. I […]

In Search of a Gut Science

I am not a science person. In high school, I took the bare minimum of science classes, and I was certainly never in an honors […]

The curator behind YUAG’s “Sights and Sounds”

“Sights and Sounds of Ancient Ritual,” the new exhibit at the Yale University Art Gallery, began with the vision of one person: Carolyn Laferrière GRD […]

A Venture Through New England

Not planning to go anywhere for Thanksgiving break? Never been anywhere in New England besides New Haven and New York? Here are my suggestions for […]

Capacious and Costume-Filled: A Review of Colette

“Colette,” starring Keira Knightley, is a mediocre film about a great woman. It tells the story of Colette, a successful French author who wrote hits […]

Unravelled: The story of the Morse/Stiles weaving class

On Monday evenings in Morse, as athletes scarf down food in the dining hall and students stress out in the library, something else is going […]

A Sunday Morning Saunter in the YUAG

Sunday morning, pouring rain after a luxurious brunch of quiche and black tea in the dining hall, I set off as I always do towards […]

A Captivating Exhibit at the YCBA

The latest exhibit at the Yale Center for British Art, entitled Captive Bodies, showcases various depictions of prisoners and prison life in Britain from 1750 […]

An American and Something Else

“An American and Nothing Else: The Great War and the Battle for National Belonging” is a new exhibit in Sterling Memorial Library’s Memorabilia Room that […]

Ancient Roman Ruins Meet the Modern Lens

The latest exhibit at the Yale University Art Gallery called Pompeii: Photographs and Fragments shows not only the ancient 1st-century site, but also its rediscovery […]