Claire Gordon
Gordon: Telling time

LONDON — Humans have a tendency to carve up time into manageable segments: weeks, months, semesters, days, nights, years. Of course, this is an illusion. […]

Gordon: Better than birth control

You should probably take two Tylenol beforehand,” my gynecologist advised me. “What about codeine?” I asked. “Well, codeine won’t make you feel less pain,” she […]

Gordon: Intensely naked

I saw my first naked man with my dad. It was 2002, and we were on a father-daughter excursion to the Tate Modern. In the […]

Gordon: Ashtrays and other ironies

We start college. We graduate. Our resumes brag in elegant Georgia about our “working knowledge of Spanish” and “competency in Adobe Photoshop.” We spend a […]


Feminists often talk about gender in terms of norms and culture. Judith Butler GRD ’84 complicated this conversation yesterday, wildly gesticulating behind the podium in […]

Choosing off campus

Two groups of juniors vying for housing in Pierson College’s lower court next fall have launched a rigorous campaign, soliciting votes from their classmates using […]

CULTURE REVIEW | Gordon: Boddy elucidates history of media

A gramophone sits on a laboratory table. It spins, becoming a turntable, boom box, cassette player. It’s smashed with a hammer, wielded by a disembodied […]

Sharing insights on Playboy, life

A holy trinity of journalism gathered in the Pierson College Master’s House on Thursday. Master Harvey Goldblatt introduced his guests: “So much talent, so much […]

Gordon: Darwin’s pyramid

I memorized the Food Pyramid in middle school. I studied it on cereal boxes, tater-tot packets and Wonder Bread wrappers. It told me to eat […]

Gordon: Nineties Nickelodeon: radicalism for kids

On my first day at Yale, freshman year, I was wandering around campus with my roommate aka my new BFF aka my only F. There […]

Gordon: Of a megachurch anointment

I have been anointed. It happened over the summer at the World Harvest megachurch in Columbus, Ohio. The pastor, Rod Parsley, received some media attention […]