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2020: These Aren’t Your Gramma’s Grammys

I will freely admit that I’ve never paid attention to the Grammy Awards. I used to think they were a kind of heart-shaped candy that […]

“Cat”otic Evil: The Movie

Cats (2019), which purports to be a “musical film,” is confusing and distressing from the first song all the way to the last surreal dance […]

Happy Birthday to Me (Not yet, but it’s happening, 2020)

I take an odd pride in being born in 2000; the cusp of a new millennium…how symbolic. My goal is to die in 2100, so […]

Yalies weigh in on Hong Kong’s election results

Weeks following Hong Kong’s District Council elections that yielded a landslide victory for the pan-democracy camp, Yale professors and students familiar with the territory are […]

Penny Boards, Bikes and One-Wheels: Valid Alternatives to the Human Legs

One of the worst things about Yale, aside from the fact that Durfee’s is not open in the mornings and that no one told me […]

Marlena Raines
Su Wei and the Creation of “The Men of Iron and the Golden Spike”

My October began with Carnegie Hall’s world premiere of “The Men of Iron and the Golden Spike.” Five days later, Stanford’s Bing Concert Hall performed […]

Su Wei
Sabin wins Ward 1

Eli Sabin ’22 will succeed Hacibey Catalbasoglu ’19 as Ward 1 Alder come January, after securing an overwhelming victory over Republican Chris Marcisz in Tuesday’s […]

Feed Me (But Not Too Much)

“Little Shop of Horrors” (1986), a musical film adapted from a stage musical of the same name, is a horror-comedy blast that depicts a man-eating […]

Strangers: Penne Thursday with Rina Kobuta

Ever walk past a stranger on the paths of Cross Campus and wonder, “Who? Who are you?” Weekend does. Everyone at Yale has a story. […]

On Jeans at the YUAG

THE ROOM: Asian Art, 2nd Floor THE MISSION: Sit and observe for “as long as you can bear” It was tough confining myself to a […]

People Exist: Reviewing “Give Me Liberty”

I admit that when it comes to movies, I haven’t exactly developed what some might call “taste.” When I was young and had some semblance […]