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Parents, city officials divided over NHPS reopening plan as seven schools confirm COVID-19 cases

On Jan. 19, most elementary New Haven Public Schools partially reopened for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic hit last March. Since then, a […]

Photo of City Hall from the New Haven Green
Reflections on the Freshman Plague

Remember the days when that annoying itch at the back of your throat heralded only a few days or so of minor inconvenience? When a […]

Dora Guo
Emoji Map

The Emoji Map is a collaboration between WKND and the News’ Data Desk to share Yalies’ stories. Have a story you want to share? Drop […]

A Hopeless Romantic’s Take on the Yale Marriage Pact

As part of the 45 percent of Yale students who signed up for the Marriage Pact, I’ll say, it definitely lent some spice to this […]

Ranking Plague Media (2008-2019)

Plagues present a unique kind of antagonist in fictional narratives: They cannot be fought through conventional means such as weapons or words, they cannot express […]

Undertale — Five Years Later

Undertale, released Sept. 15, 2015, has had an undeniably massive impact on the indie gaming industry — games made by individuals or small teams — […]

Complicated Feelings about Snakes and COVID

I don’t think I’m voicing an unpopular opinion when I say, to put it lightly, this pandemic sucks. We’re cut off and isolated, we’ve forbidden […]

On the Moral and Aesthetic Value of Playing Games about Plagues: A Case Study

I’d like to begin this review with a response directed at the kind individual who read my “Quarantined in Taiwan” piece and took the time […]

Quarantined in Taiwan

Originally, I’d planned to spend the March break snoozing in my dorm room, watering my suitemate’s plants in the common room and perhaps catching up […]

Cooking with Claire

RECIPE 1: PELMENI Life of Boris, a Slavic cooking and lifestyle YouTube channel, is my inspiration to cook. When I was in the hospital last […]

Bad Parasite

“Bad Genius (2017)” directed by Nattawut Poonpiriya, based on real-life SAT cheating, covers the exploits of four high school students and their international exam cheating […]